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  • ConSet A/S was founded 20 years ago in Denmark. Our vision was then, and still is, to make electric height adjustable frames accessible to everyone.
  • With this vision and our commitment to produce high quality frames at an affordable price, we have become a leading manufacturer of electric height adjustable desk frames. 
  • With an extensive global presence of dealers, distributors and sales offices, the ConSet brand is well known all over the world. Our long history in the industry has earned us a very strong reputation.
  • Together with our experienced professional team of employees, we continue to provide the support and dedication you deserve.
  • Wondering where the name ConSet came from? It is a mix between Con = Construction and Set = Set-up. 

Design, Testing, Flexibility
  • The backbone is our engineering team that makes a continuous innovative development of our products, the team consists of both experience and youth. No matter how small, every component is carefully designed and engineered to an eye catching, functional desk frame with strength and stability. 
  • When you buy a long lasting ConSet desk, you are getting a desk engineered and manufactured by ConSet A/S with decades of experience, not a knock off by a pop-up company that may not stand the test of time.
  • We take pride in our products and believe it should be well made, safe and durable. We submit all our frames and applicable components to 3rd party testing labs for certifications regulated by TUV, the Danish Technological Institute and UL. All ConSet desk frames comply with all safety standards in all markets.
  • Flexibility is inherent in the innovative design of our frames. In a matter of minutes, standard products can be configured and ordered directly on our website in a variety of designs, sizes and color ions. For large projects, we can provide custom solutions that incorporate your specific designs, branding and technical specifications.

Production and logistics
  • Quality assurance and quality control are integral processes within our manufacturing management. Our supply chain strategy and production controls are important drivers in our success. From the purchase of raw materials to loading a container with finished product, our goal is operational excellence while reducing our impact on the environment. 
  • Our production methods are controlled by Intelligent Process Control. We have traceability from the assembly line throughout the lifetime of each product. 
  • We are committed to the highest quality in our products to provide a competitive advantage to our customers.
  • As an experienced partner in logistics, we can arrange the freight straight to your door or supply a container to your freight forwarders yard.

Environmental and Social
  • From the beginning, we have recognized the necessity for responsible environmental management with RoHS, ISO14000 and BSCI to name a few compliances. 
  • Recycling and the reduction of all types of waste are key directives of every aspect of our procurement and production processes, as well as ensuring safe, fair and legal working conditions throughout the supply chain (BSCI). 
  • We support 100% the UN Sustainable Development Goals so that we can leave a better planet for future generations.
  • We realize that there are many choices on the market today. We believe ConSet offers the best value, a well-engineered, high quality ConSet frame at an affordable price. Start your experience, the best height is the next height with a ConSet desk frame. 

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