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The frame is a true workhorse and the strong motor provides the ultimate reliability. Tested in real life for more than 10 years.
The design features a modesty panel and built in wire management integrated into the top support brackets.
Available in a 2-legged and a 3-legged version, where the 2- and 3-legged frames have a maximum load of 150kg.

Design your own desk Design your own tabletop and front panel to combine with this simple frame-kit. A two column set is in one box, just add the third column to create an L shape. Each direction is adjustable in width. Panel-line is specifically for customers who can manufacture suitable tops and front panels. Standard KD type fittings are included.

The one column 501-19 can be used on its own with a choice of designs including a wall mounted version. It has various application but from nature of structure, it is limited to relatively small tops. With wheels and battery it can be move around.

501-23 is strong and stylish with integrated cable management. It's expandable length makes it well suited for many top sizes. The symmetrical design makes the frame excellent for conference tables and large work surfaces. Optional 3-column versions accommodate extra long tables and L-shapes configurations. Maximum load is 175kg. 

The Beam - Line member 501-25 covers the basic needs with exceptional rigidity in a cost efficient way. The frames cover measurements as described in EN 527-1, Type D. Type D is described as "limited height selectable or adjustable". The height range may only be ideal for 80% of a population, but for the remaining 20% it will also be beneficial unlike a fixed desk. Why there is not a desk with a height range to cover the entire population is a matter of cost. It is fast to assemble and modular boxed components minimize the stock requirements yet covers the widest selection of customer choices.

The Circle - Line has an elegant and minimalistic look, which will compliment any office environment. The round column are designed with a width adjustable cross bar which is easy to set to suit your table top size.Circle offers an impressive timeless design.
The two column frame comes all in one compact box and the separate third column kit can be added at any time. 

The desk frame is designed to fulfil US standards. At the lowest position, in general, it will also give great ergonomics to people much below average height. It ranges in height from 56cm and 121 cm.

The bench desk 501-88 can be a cluster of desks with adjustable height mechanisms, allowing the user to control the height of their own space. Bench desking is used in offices where the need for increased collaboration & teamwork is required. The frame structure avoiding horizontal feet is practical, cost efficient regarding cleaning, and gives logical ways to take proper care of wiring.




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